Welcome to Bisel Manufacturing
Custom Motor Control Panel Experts

We don't just build panels. We solve problems. We don't just specialize in engineering – we specialize in listening. Understanding is as much our forte as designing and our mark of excellence is in just how little users think about our product as they're using it – because it's so well-made, it's almost invisible.

Our products have been utilized throughout the United States and Canada by some of the biggest names in the education, commercial, and industrial markets, such as University of Utah, USC Merced, Proctor & Gamble, Adobe, Charles Schwab, Boeing, IHC Hospitals, and many, many more.

So if you have a problem, welcome to Bisel. Pull up a chair and let's work together to find your solution.

Meet Our team

Pete Whitaker, John Hardman, Jackie Ripley, Gilbert Montoya, and Jerry Bisel.

Bisel Manufacturing LLC is a locally owned and operated custom electrical control panel manufacturer with 45-years of experience. Bisel Manufacturing has been building customized panels in Sandy, Utah since 2002 and we have produced panels for major universities, school districts, water facilities, and industrial applications.