Our Process

Our experienced engineers are ready to innovate on behalf of your unique problems. Each of our panels is carefully crafted to meet your exact needs and specifications.

How do we continue to "wow" our clients again and again? By adhering to a proven process of design, engineering, and support, that marries "flexibility in design" and "precision in execution".



Each project starts with a great design. We sit down with each client to listen to your needs until we thoroughly understand your problem, your goal, and your wish-list. Once we understand your needs, our engineers then go to work designing your panel with quality, beauty, and ease-of-use in mind. We believe that a good panel should not only accomplish your goals – it should do so in the simplest, most elegant way possible. We then present the design to you for your approval before we start the manufacturing process.


Once you've approved the design, we get to work sourcing high-quality parts that meet the strictest durability and safety standards. We then assemble your custom panels in-house to keep quality control high and overhead low. Each project is meticulously assembled and programmed, tested for quality, and labeled for ease-of-use.


Service & Support

Once built, every panel is thoroughly tested to ensure its operation meets all of your requirements. When testing is complete, we ship the panel to your facility or job site and work closely with the installing electrical contractor for a seamless, and trouble free, transition to operation.

But our relationship doesn't end there! We also provide full support for all of the control panels that we manufacture, including:

  • Factory authorized commissioning
  • Harmonic testing and written report
  • Troubleshooting
  • Owner's Training
  • Power quality studies
  • Custom maintenance programs

Our service technicians are well trained and knowledgeable in all of the products we provide. When you own a Bisel panel, you have us watching your back.